• Triangle Treble Scarf
  • Triangle Treble Scarf
  • Triangle Treble Scarf
  • Triangle Treble Scarf
  • Triangle Treble Scarf
  • Triangle Treble Scarf

Triangle Treble Scarf – a super-soft and warm neck wrap

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Endless styling options, ultra soft 100% hand-dyed Alpaca, and stunning colors ensure this scarf will be a valuable addition to your accessory collection.

Pair with the Lavada Fingerless Gloves to complete your outfit.

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Versatile, warm and ultra soft, this is a truly beautiful accessory

Created using limited-run hand-dyed alpaca yarn, this version of a triangle neck scarf is truly "one of a kind"

  • Wear this versatile women’s scarf so you can show off your styling flair
  • Secure with a brooch or shawl pin, or use your imagination to poke the point through one (or many) of the large holes to create different shapes
  • Soft blues, pinks and peaches along with the varying tones of the dark denim blue are made possible by the hand-dying process
  • The quality of this alpaca yarn is obvious because the “Skin Feel” is ultra soft – ensuring this scarf will be a comfortable and cozy neck wrap.
Triangle Treble Scarf
So many colors and tonal variations in hand dyed yarn

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When choosing a wrap to keep your neck warm, you can weigh up many options.

The color(s), the weight, the feel, the texture and the size are all factors that need to be considered.

You’ll be choosing THIS beautiful and versatile accessory for many reasons:

  • colors – with the multitude of beautiful shades contained within the fabric, there will be many outfits able to be complimented by this scarf
  • weight – as light as a feather, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing a neck wrap
  • feel – as previously stated, the yarn is 100% alpaca, but not just ANY alpaca – award-winning fiber from prize-winning animals has been processed externally, and then hand-dyed by Angela from Blackwattle Alpaca Yarn & Fibre 
  • size – your scarf is the perfect length to wrap around your neck, with the points draping at your desired angle.  It measures XXXXXXX from base to tip.

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About the yarn:

The yarn used in this scarf was purchased from Black Wattle Alpaca Yarns and Fibres – a local farm shop rapidly gaining a reputation for high quality yarns and fibers.

Create a set with the Lavada Fingerless Gloves!

Lavada Fingerless Gloves
Pair with these gloves created using the same yarn to complete your ensemble

The Lavada Fingerless Gloves have been created using the same multi-colored yarn, yet the stitching is different enough to allow you to wear them separately. 

Purchase both the Triangle Treble Scarf and the Lavada Fingerless Gloves in the one transaction for an automatic 10% discount.

The Triangle Treble Scarf was designed by Jessica Bolof

Additional information

Weight.2 kg
Yarn Composition

100% Hand Dyed Alpaca from Black Wattle Alpaca Yarns and Fibres

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