Summer Embrace Cardigan – light and lacy

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Summer Embrace Cardigan – add a sense of sophistication and fun to your summer wardrobe, without adding heat. Size: Small-Medium


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Summer Embrace Cardigan

Add sophistication to any outfit without adding heat

  • Create an impact by adding the open-weave Summer Embrace Cardigan to your summer outfits. 
  • Whether you wear it shopping, to a party, or to the beach, you’ll have added a level of sophistication to your outfit
  • The stitches used make sure jacket stretches to fit most small-sized women
  • Cotton is breathable, so wearing this cardigan doesn’t add warmth to your outfit, just style
  • As it’s 100% cotton, the vegan on your gift list would be overjoyed to receive this gift
  • An original design and all the positive benefits ensure a long hot Christmas and Summer holiday will be cool and stylish


  • Your red summer cardigan is ready to ship, as pictured
  •  Only ONE of these is available – but more can be made to order in a range of colors 
  • Below is a screen capture of this season’s color options from Bendigo Woollen Mills’ cotton.  I am happy to make the jacket in any of these.  Simply contact me to discuss options for creating yours.
Color options for Summer Embrace Cardigan

More about the Yarn:

The yarn used for the Summer Embrace Cardigan is 8 ply Cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills, Australia.

The yarn composition is:

100% Cotton
The color used was Red

Your top is an original design by me, Fiona Langtry.  

If you crochet, a pattern will be available in due course, from my sister website ReVeDesignCo.

Additional information

Weight.2 kg
Yarn Composition

100% Cotton