Strolling Along Shawl – Black or Ice Blue

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Top your outfit with this unusually shaped lacy shawl trimmed with extra chunky yarn.

2 different options available, ready to ship






Strolling Along Shawl

Your Strolling Along Shawl is an unusual shape, and includes a giant button to keep it in place!

Top almost any outfit with the Strolling Along Shawl and you’ll have warm shoulders, no matter what the weather!

Merino warm…

  • Both pictured versions of the Strolling Along Shawl are made using high-quality merino wool for the lacework
  • Your shoulders will be warm, yet lightly covered
  • The button used on each shawl is perfectly matched to the colors within the yarn
  • The chunky yarn around the edge of the shawl weighs it down, helping to hold your shawl in place, while adding additional interest and color.

With 2 stunning versions ready to ship, you can select from

  • Classic black with the chunky homespun pink-blend yarn
  • Ice blue with chunky olive green trim

Includes a FREE shawl pin!

If you’d rather a different color combination, please contact me to discuss a custom order.

A Day in the life...

The Yarn:

The black and ice blue yarns are 100% baby merino.
The Pink-blend chunky trim is wool-blend handspun.
The olive green blend is 56% Wool, 35% Acrylic, 5% Nylon, 4% Mohair


  • Your Strolling Along Shawl is ready to ship, as pictured
  • There is only ONE of each color available¬†
  • Please contact me if you wish to discuss some options for creating one “Made to Order”.

The Strolling Along Shawl has been designed by me and the pattern is available from my other website, ReVe Design Co .

Additional information

Weight.4 kg



Black with Pink: 40" (100cm)
Ice Blue with Olive: 51" (130cm)