Red Laketown Socks

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Ultra lacy and knee high, your Red Laketown Socks will pack light, yet make a big impact at a resort (or at home).

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Red Laketown Socks - ideal for beach house, resort or home

Ultra lacy, knee-high and comfortable, your Red Laketown Socks are sure to be on your packing list for vacations!

  • Wear them long or scrunch them down, either way your Red Laketown Socks will help you look stylish 
  • The knee-length design is sure to keep the chill off the water at bay
  • Wear them with shoes or without – either way, you’ll be sure to turn heads
  • The intense red can either coordinate or contrast with your ensembles
  • The lacy design will ensure you’ll be adding a feminine touch to your outfits
  • Other versions of these are are able to be created;  contact me to discuss other colors options
Red Laketown Socks close up
The ultra lacy design is pretty and cool


  • Your socks are ready to ship, as pictured
  • Additional pairs of Laketown Socks can be made to order.  
  • Please contact me if you wish to discuss some options for creating a different version just for you.


Lake Town Socks pattern was written by Julie Aakjær

Additional information

Weight.2 kg
Yarn Composition

100% Acrylic


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