Jazz Hands Mitts – show off the music in you

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Wear your Mitts to a festival and you’ll stand out from the crowd as you shake your hands, making the fringing fly!

A special blend of Wool Silk & Llama fibers.


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Jazz Hands Mitts

Jazz Hands Mitts are the perfect gift for the fun-loving music festival devotee

  • Your Jazz Hands Mitts come to life when your hands move, whether it’s to the beat, or in conversation!
  • Your new favorite fitted fingerless gloves are adorned by 2 rounds of fringing that swish and swirl as you move your hands
  • A fitted half-thumb ensures no part of your hand is left in the cold
  • Incredible yarn! The mix of wool and llama fibers ensure the mitts are beautifully soft and warm, while the silk adds a sheen that is sure to attract attention
  • An original design and unique yarn ensure these are sure to keep the Christmas Memories alive for many years 


  • Your Jazz Hands Mitts are ready to ship, as pictured
  •  Only ONE pair of these is available – now and forever! 
  • Please contact me if you wish to discuss some options for creating something special, just for you, or your gift recipient.

More about the Yarn:

The yarn used for these fingerless gloves is called “Esquel” from Louisa Harding Yarns.

The yarn composition is:

60% Wool – Merino
20% Camelid – Llama
20% Silk
The 2 colors used are called “Rust” and “Coral”.

Your gloves were an original design by me, Fiona Langtry, ensuring these are a one-of-a-kind creation… and you can tell everyone

Create a SET:

If you’re wearing gloves to an event, then why not wear a matching hood?

Created using the same yarn, the Enchanting Fringed Hood is ideal for keeping your head and shoulders warm during Festival Nights.


If you purchase the mitts as well as the matching Enchanting Fringed Hood, you get 

10% off the combined price! 

Additional information

Weight.2 kg
Yarn Composition

60% Wool, 20% Llama and 20% Silk