Heartland Leg Warmers – Dress up your legs

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Turquoise or Sunset – your Heartland Leg Warmers have color, style and fabric options for you to select.  Long, yet slouchy, with cuffs, so styling is individual to the wearer.


Heartland Leg Warmers are your casual, stylish and functional leg accessory

Dress up your legs using either the Lacy or Plain version of the Heartland Leg Warmers

  • Your Heartland Leg Warmers are relaxed in fit so that you can wear them straight or slouchy
  • Wear as sock extensions to add an extra layer of warmth UNDER boots
  • Wear them over boots or over shoes to provide extra protection from cold winds
  • The intense colors in the yarns can either coordinate or contrast with your ensembles
  • If you choose the lacy version, you’ll be adding a feminine touch to your outfits, while the plain version could be unisex
  • Other versions of these are are able to be created;  contact me to discuss other colors options
Turquoise Leg Warmers - extreme close up of lacework
The lacy version adds feminine appeal


  • Your leg wraps are ready to ship, as pictured
  • Additional pairs of these legwarmers can be made to order, but not all colors are available.
  • Please contact me if you wish to discuss some options for creating a different version just for you.

Additional information

Weight.2 kg
Color / Style

Sunset – red & orange. 25% Wool, Lacy, Sunset – red & orange. 25% Wool, Plain, Turquoise & Sea. 100% wool, Lacy

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