Elegance Hood – frame your face in style

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Your Elegance Hood will make you look stylish, no matter where you wear it!

This stunning hood was created using a gorgeously soft blend of Wool, Silk & Mohair.


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Elegance Hood

Elegance is the perfect word to describe this stunning hooded cowl

  • Your Elegance Hood will draw attention as soon as you enter a room so you’ll be the center of attention
  • Your head won’t be chilly because you’ll be cocooned in your enchanting hood
  • If your head gets a bit too warm, drop the hood down your back (it creates a point), leaving just the cowl sitting loosely around your neck
  • The garment’s stunning wine colors are deep and vibrant, ranging from the darkest burgundy through to a sweet rose 
  • Incredible yarn! The mix of wool and mohair (goat) fibers ensure this headpiece is beautifully soft and warm, while the silk adds a sheen that is sure to attract attention
  • A spectacular design and unique yarn mean that Christmas Memories will be kept alive for many years 


  • Your Elegance Hood is ready to ship, as pictured
  • Only ONE of these is available – now and forever! 
  • Please contact me if you wish to discuss some options for creating something special, just for you, or for your gift recipient.

More about the Yarn:

The yarn used for this elegant headwear is called “Casablanca” from Cascade Yarns.

The yarn composition is:

59% Wool
24% Silk
17% Goat – Mohair
The colorway used is simply called “Red” (but I think the color is more like wine, in all its shades).

Your hood is a design by Lianka Azulay, the genius behind Bonita Patterns and Yarn 

Additional information

Weight.4 kg
Yarn Composition

55% Wool, 26% Silk, 19% Mohair