Rust Boho Hooded Scarf with fringe in Llama Blend

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A Rust and Coral 2-tone Hooded Scarf with fringe and Crocodile Stitch trim.

Fiber composition: 60% Wool, 20% Silk and 20% Llama – something for the discerning woman!

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This luxurious hooded scarf is a gorgeous, loose-fitting headwarmer, perfect for the fashion-savvy woman wanting to stay warm this Winter.

You’ll turn heads as you step out in this beautifully textured hooded scarf.
* The hood itself is created using a loose rib, which provides stretch and warmth.
* The ‘crocodile stitch’ which frames the face is over-sized.
* The cowl section has been created using an open-weave ‘V’ stitch, and is shaped to drape over the shoulders.
* As a layer under the cowl, the fringe starts just below the collar bone, but is not so long that it would intrude into your every-day activities
* As a finishing touch, there is a tassel hanging from the tip of the hood – just like a perfect Elf Hood should.

Your hood has been created using some beautiful yarn which has an unusual fibre composition: 60% Wool, 20% Silk and 20% Llama.

The main colour is called ‘Rust’ and the contrasting stripe within the hood, for the ‘Crocodile Scales’ around your face and one within the cowl, in a colour called ‘Coral’. This yarn is no longer available in these colours, so this will be a unique addition to your wardrobe.

The fringe and the tassel are 2-tone. There is a fringed cowl and a tassel-trim hood.  Your hood is of Medium size and would make a perfect gift for the lady in your life (or yourself!)

Customer comment about her alpaca blend hood: “This has come in so handy here in the cold Missouri and it’s so soft, warm and light. Best buy ever not to mention beautiful.”


If you’d rather a different color or fabric, I have a range of yarns of varying fiber composition in stock- contact me to discuss your options for a Made to Order hood.  I also have access to many different sources of yarn, so if you have a specific colour palette or shade in mind, I would love to work with  you to find your solution.

If you’d rather make one (or more) for yourself and your family, the pattern for this original design is available to purchase here.

Your Hooded Scarf with Fringe IS READY TO SHIP… READY TO WRAP OR WEAR.

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I always recommend a gentle handwash in cool (almost cold) water, using a wool wash.  Squeeze the solution through your garments and then rinse well.   Roll in a towel (do NOT rub, or your garment could felt), then pull gently into shape. Lie on a towel in the shade to dry.


An original design by Fiona Langtry, exclusively for MadeforYOUbyFi Designs ©2016
Item number: WF03Fi

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