Shawls and Wraps

Shawls / Wraps!

Wrap shawls around your shoulders, tuck scarves into your coat, use wraps as a knee rug – however you use them, they are the most versatile of accessories, and they’re more popular now than ever before!

Call them stole, wrap, ruana, pashmina, shawl or scarf, no matter what you call them, they add a pop of color to your outfit, and keep your shoulders and neck protected against chilly air.

As a shawl, you can wear them draped around your arms, secured by a pin.

As a wrap, they can be worn at the elbows.

Scrunch them up to wear as a scarf, to look pretty on their own or so you can tuck them in at the neck of your coat.

Pashminas are usually large thin rectangles that can be used as anything from a scarf through to a table runner!

Browse my selection of these versatile accessories and I’m sure you’ll find one to give a forever home!

All my shawls and wraps are hand crafted in country NSW, Australia using yarn sourced locally and further afield. Some yarns are hand dyed from small producers, while others use commercial yarns from large companies.  Wherever possible, I select the best quality and color-ways that are available.

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