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NEW!!! ReVe Design Co


ReVe Design Co was born out of  the new direction I went towards – Crochet Patterns. 

For a long time, I had both my creations/garments and my crochet designs sitting under one brand. Increasingly, this became confusing, both for you, my loyal customers, and for me!

So I launched ReVe Design Co in February 2018.  

As part of the process of re-branding all of my patterns, I have been adding UK/AU terminology versions to each one.  This is aimed at making my patterns even more accessible to the international market. (This also takes a lot of time, so please be patient with me!)

The Name:

You may wonder where the name ReVe came from?  

I had 2 wonderful, crafty grandmothers when I was young.  Both crocheted, knitted, sewed etc and taught our family what they could.  Their names were Ruth and Eve.

In a nod to both their creativity and my history, I decided to join their names together to form the name of the new branch of my business. ReVe .

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What's next?

When you click the button below, you will find a list of all my original crochet patterns.  

As I work through the process of updating each one, the purchase option will change to “Buy the Pattern” instead of “Add to Cart”.  You will be taken to my new ReVe Design Co website (or you can go straight there now, if you prefer) to complete your purchase of that pattern. 

Coupon codes will work, just the same as on MadeforYOUbyFi.  

If you are purchasing a re-branded ReVe pattern, you may notice my new colors, style and fonts, but importantly, you will also have the option of downloading either (or both) US or UK versions of the pattern.

If you’re not sure which Terminology to choose, there’s a simple test.  If you use a stitch that you call ‘Single Crochet’, you need US Terminology.  Otherwise, UK is the way you should go.

Oh, and if there’s a pattern that is NOT re-branded yet, and you’d like it available soon, please just contact me and I’ll put it high up on my list!