Country Market Collection

Country Market Collection







The Country Market Collection Story…

It’s morning.
No alarm… or maybe an hour after your normal weekday time to rise.
You rise, dress and then realise it’s still a bit fresh outside!  What do you wear?

Choices made, you travel, arrive and spot your friend…
Quick hugs, compliments on clothes, bags, shoes.
Grab coffees, then shopping – because that’s WHY you’re at a Country Market after all, right?!

What are you WEARING while you shop?
A hat, some gloves, a poncho or cape, maybe a long, beautiful vest?
Compliments abound – you MADE these yourself?  Wasn’t it difficult?  Who was the designer?  Where did you get the wool? Can you help me?

Answers: Yes – I made these myself! Not too hard – the pattern had lots of pictures to help me. Fiona from MadeforYOUbyFi Designs. From my local yarn store. Sure – choose your pattern and we can make them together. Maybe there’s some yarn here at the Market?…

A month later… you meet with other friends and what a fabulous range of accessories and wraps you are all wearing!!!

Create your own Country Market Collection of Ponchos, Wraps, Vests and Accessories with the 10 new patterns, or purchase ready-made garments from the Collection.

The Country Market Collection is available now!