Cozy Winter Accessories for You

Brrr!!!! Winter means warm, cozy

Be Cozy - Winter Fashion

When you need to beat the winter freeze, look to wool, alpaca and mohair.

Natural fibers have incredible qualities when it comes to keeping you warm in the winter. 

I have sourced gorgeous wools, stunning mohair blends and some incredible alpaca yarns so that your hands, neck, head and body will be toasty.

Some facts from the experts:

Merino Wool:

"Merino wool, has moisture and temperature management properties, and naturally assists regulation of body temperature. The inherent breathability and active moisture management properties of the fibre also help prevent the skin from becoming clammy, which can provide a more comfortable environment."

The Woolmark Company
Alpaca Yarn:

"Containing no lanolin, alpaca fiber is also naturally hypoallergenic. Most people who are sensitive to wool find that they can wear alpaca without the itching or irritation they feel from wool because alpaca fiber is smooth. Additional performance characteristics include stretch, water repellency, and odor reduction. For travelers, clothing made from alpaca is desirable because it is wrinkle-resistant."

Fibers of the World
Mohair Yarn:

Mohair’s fibers do not conduct heat, mohair provides good insulation, even when wet. Mohair easily absorbs and releases moisture, moving perspiration away from the skin for evaporation; it is therefore comfortable to wear in both cold and hot weather.

Pure American Naturals

What’s on offer:

This collection includes many garments ready to be shipped to you:
  • ~ Gloves – with and without fingers, long and short in the wrist
  • ~ Hats – thick & chunky or finer, slouchy, fitted, with brim or without.  Pompoms optional
  • ~ Cowls perfect for keeping your neck and chest warm
  • ~ Ponchos for  keeping your torso and arms toasty
  • ~ Socks – thick and comfortable.
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