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Summer Fashion Accessories to keep you fresh

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The art of staying cool in Summer… the answer is Cotton.

No matter where you need to go, Cotton and Cotton-blend accessories and garments are the best thing to wear to keep the hot air from making you sticky and uncomfortable.

I have used the highest quality Cotton yarns to create a range of gorgeously lightweight and comfortable garments for you to wear all Summer long… and even into Spring.

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Some facts about Cotton:

  • ~ Fabric made of Cotton is breathable, making  garments cooler to wear and are more comfortable for longer
  • ~ Cotton doesn’t retain odors, so airing overnight is enough to freshen them up
  • ~ Garments require less frequent washing, extending the life of your clothes
  • ~ Dirt is released more easily than with other fabrics which means that washing is a simpler process.

What’s on offer:

This Collection includes a number of ready-to-ship  cotton garments for you:
  • ~ Boho circle vests which can double as a jacket or shawl when required
  • ~ Bralettes are the ‘wear-under-anything’ accessory
  • ~ Loose tops which can be worn over your halters, swimwear or tees
  • ~ Lacy shrug wraps for keeping the cooler night air at bay.
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