About MadeforYOUbyFi:

YOU are why I do what I do

How YOU helped MadeforYOUbyFi become a reality

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“I am so glad that everyone who wears one of my garments knows that they will be wrapped in luxury worthy of a Hollywood superstar.”

~ Fi Langtry
MadeforYOUbyFi CEO

Before I started ‘Made for YOU by Fi’, my life was missing something… a purposely creative outlet.

When I first started crocheting, I was making blankets and scarves for charity and family.

Then one day something amazing happened. A stranger purchased something that I had made!  I was so excited!

I had been concerned that what I could make would not be acceptable to, nor wanted by anyone outside my family and friends.

But then…

I posted a picture of the blanket I made for my baby nephew on Facebook and someone asked me to make them one… so they could gift it.


Over the next few months, I decided to start creating the most interesting, luxurious, textured and unique accessories possible.

These would be worn by the most interesting, vibrant and fun-loving women in the world… just like you!

I would use the most incredible fibers, colors and textures in yarns I could source.


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No business stands alone, and I do not pretend to do so.

I would like to acknowledge the help, guidance and/or professional expertise of some amazing people.

  • Sophie Burmester – her photography skills, modelling ingenuity and beauty (both inside and out) are evident in almost all of the modeled photographs I have and use.  Follow her on Facebook or Instagram.  She will either model my garments herself, or gather her friends and make something unique.  
  • Margaret Charlton –  my ‘go to’ quality editor for my websites and listings.  Her new business is QI Girl… highly recommended.
  • Ollie Garside – a local photographer whose photographs were my first professional ones.  The black background made some of the colors ‘pop’ in a way I had never thought possible.  You can follow him on Facebook or Instagram, or check his website.
  • Renae Christine – my business coach and website design trainer!  There are so many wonderful things I could/should say about this lady, but it’s really impossible to explain – you just need to see her for yourself!  Watch her on YouTube or experience her Free Handmade Training!
  • Elise Nelson – a fellow business owner who has extensive knowledge on both website design and efficient use of time.  Her review of this site has led to many subtle and not-so-subtle improvements.  You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram and tell her I sent you!