How You Got Here


Before I started MadeforYOUbyFi, my life was missing something… a purposely creative outlet.

I didn’t know that there would be something more for me beyond my family, my job and my church.  I was creating things for friends and family, but I did not expect this hobby, known as MadeforYOUbyFi, to become so important in my life.

Then one day something amazing happened… A stranger purchased something that I had made!

I had been concerned that what I could make would not be acceptable to, nor wanted by anyone outside my family and friends.

But then I posted a picture of the blanket I made for my baby nephew on Facebook and someone asked me to make them one… for money!

I then set out to create the most interesting, luxurious, textured and unique accessories for the most interesting, vibrant and fun-loving women in the world, using the most incredible yarns I can source.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

I have ‘enjoyed’ (endured):

  • false starts,
  • totally wrong directions,
  • incorrect focus and
  • some really WACKY creations along the way.

My family members have thought I was crazy; my husband thought I was wasting my time (and money)… and so did I, for a while.

But then something amazing happened – I opened an Etsy shop and people started BUYING my hats, scarves, gloves, hoods and slippers!   I also discovered that I wasn’t just good at CREATING beautiful garments, but that I also had a knack for designing them 🙂

Through it all, I released my first products and the response has been so encouraging that I have started to release, not only individual products, but entire collections!

People creating their own garments using my original crochet patterns is an unexpected source of joy to me and I am beginning to focus more and more on this side of my business…. the BEST is yet to come!!!

Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart, for joining me on the journey!

xx Fi